My love…



I can’t explain how much I love this place.




Midweek Meeting

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Y came midweek for a job interview and some other meetings.
It gave us the chance to meet up and to enjoy a couple of meals together.

IMG_20140318_131250Riyadh newspaper in the morning with some coffee and dates.
IMG_20140318_131624When I knew that Y would be coming I walked over to Sugar Sprinkles at the student amenities center at the university to pick up a couple of these adorable (and delicious) cheesecakes. One was strawberry and one was blueberry. We enjoyed them with some Arabic coffee.
IMG_20140318_160524For lunch we went to a sushi restaurant called Sushi Yoshi. Both of us had been craving it. Sushi makes a perfect lunch because it is so light and fresh.
IMG-20140321-WA0030For dinner we stopped by an Italian restaurant called Piatto. It was so perfect. I’ve been dreaming of the food there and I think that we will definitely have to go again. We ordered an appetizer, a large soup, a small pizza and two pasta dishes. It was way too much food for two people, but everything was fantastic and I took a of the leftovers home with me.

الحمد لله