DIY – Baby Sleeper / “Dockatot”

Whenever I’m stateside I always try to do a bit of sewing. It’s something I really enjoy and it also end up saving me money because I create my own things instead of buying. 

Last summer, when I was pregnant, I made a little baby cosleeper. It was based on a Dockatot deluxe, but the design was a bit different as I partially followed a Pinterest tutorial. That bed was sewn as all one piece. My baby took most of her naps in that sleeper as a newborn and even as she grew. These days it is too small for her and since she has become quite wiggly in bed I thought about getting her a bigger one, like the Dockatot grand. 

I contemplated buying the bigger dock instead of making it, but I couldn’t let myself spend $260 on something I was pretty confident that I could make. 

Overall, I’m very happy with the way it turned out. This one is much better than the first one I made as it can be taken apart and washed. This one also has a much nicer foam mattress pad and a softer bumper. Not to mention, the total cost of the materials was under $50. 

Completed sleeper — ribbed knit cover + mattress + bumper // handle, 3 zippers & Velcro closure.

Mattress — 2 layers of foam with a cotton shell.

Bumper — Cotton tube shell stuffed with cotton fill.

If I get enough interest on this post I will consider writing a detailed tutorial on how I made this sleeper. Make sure to comment below if you want more info!




7 thoughts on “DIY – Baby Sleeper / “Dockatot”

  1. I just noticed your post and … yes I would love a step by step for the day I can take on such things (sewing, knitting, etc.). For now, I will be honest, I cannot do it (but I so wish I could). So don’t feel obliged to write this step to step if i am the only one interested.

  2. How did you make the bumper? I have a dockatot grand cover and I’m trying to make the bumper and bed to insert in it. Yours looks amazing if you had a tutorial I’d definitely do it all from scratch.

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