A Very Belated Happy Eid

Well…I tried! I definitely didn’t get the chance to share all of the recipes that I was planning to post, but I’ll give myself credit for the two that made it up and that just means that I’ll try again next Ramadan, ان ساء الله. 

I hope that all of you had a blessed Ramadan and a wonderful Eid. This is very late, but better now than never! 

We spent our Eid in Ha’il with Y’s family. It was baby’s first Eid, so I really enjoyed getting her dressed up for our gatherings. The first day of Eid I put her in a grey pleated dress with teal embroidery, a teal bow headband and a pair of sandals from Okaidi. On the second day she wore a white eyelet dress from Carter’s [which I purchased online during a sale for less than $12], a bow headband we borrowed from her cousin and a pair of white shoes from Centrepoint. I forgot to take a picture of her outfit from the third day, but she had on this cute white and gold patterned tank bodysuit and white cotton pants from Carter’s. Also, one of Y’s uncles paid for the girls to stay at the rented Istrahah an extra day, so we had another evening of dressing up. Baby wore a little set with a black tank bodysuit (that said little cutie in gold) and white pants with a black and gold print from Carter’s [this set was a gift from my mom].

I had such a fun time putting her in such cute outfits, as to be quite honest 90% of time time she’s either in a play suit for bed or a onesie and maybe some cotton pants, maybe. 

Once again, please accept my warmest belated Eid wishes to you and your families.