Echolac Bags 

I bought a diaper bag while I was pregnant and I like it, but I don’t find it convenient to pack or carry. Because Y and I travel quite often, I decided that a backpack style diaper bag would be much easier.

I stopped in a luggage store while taking a quick walk at the mall. I found a backpack that I liked and next to it was a little shoulder bag.

I love that they match and thought that the smaller bag would be useful for quick trips out of the house or as a diaper change bag. The great thing is that it can also slip right into the main compartment of the backpack.

The backpack – 300 SR / $80

There are four zipper pockets on the front of the bag.

The top right has a pink pocket and a sort of attatched lanyard with a clip on the end. The top left has a pink pocket and a grey pocket. The grey pocket has two slots for pens. Both open up from the top and side.

The two bottom pockets are empty and only open from the side.

The next zipper compartment of the bag is the largest section. The side closest to the front has a mesh zipper compartment. The side closest to the back has a pink pocket.

The final zipper compartment is smaller. Closest to the front it has a pink pocket about the size of an iPad. Closest to the back is a padded laptop pocket with a Velcro tab at the top.

The back of the bag has a sleeve and snap so that it can slip over the handle of a rolling back. Behind the sleeve is also a zipper pocket.

It has a handle at the top and two adjustable padded straps.

The shoulder bag – 150 SR / $40 

There are two zipper pockets in the front of this bag. One is similar to the bigger bag in that there is a pink pocket and a clip lanyard. The other pocket is empty. The right pocket is slightly larger than the left.

The main zipper compartment of the bag has a pink pocket closest to the front of the bag.

It has an adjustable strap and can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross body.




One thought on “Echolac Bags 

  1. Asalamu alaikum sweetie ! Your post made my day because I am all about using backpacks as diaper bags. I mean, they are so practical and comfortable, especially when using a baby carrier. I bought a regular diaper bag for my son (remember?), but I quickly ended up using an old backpack instead. Nothing fancy like yours but again: practical and comfortable. I also enjoy the look of it all, “active mama’s style” ! My husband hates to see me like this (basically, “where is the lady in me gone? Why can’t I enjoy elegance like any other female?” lol). So thanks for the post. I was happy to show it to him 😉 as an evidence of my non-craziness. Of course, he said I talked you into it lol. Anyway, wa salam Habeebti !

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