Hospital Bag

From the beginning of my pregnancy I saw blogposts, YouTube videos and pins on Pinterest about packing a hospital bag for labor and delivery. I even received advice and suggestions from friends. However, I didn’t even start thinking about my own bag until about midway through the 35th week. One of my friends said, “You better get going on that.”

I took my overnight bag out from my closet and set it on the floor in the living room. It sat there for a couple of days staring at me before I began putting some items beside it.

The first time I “finished” packing I looked at the bag and thought, this can’t be right. The bag was about 1/3 of the way full and all of the examples that I had seen showed a fully stuffed bag. I panicked. “Am I packing too lightly?”

But at some point before my doctors appointment, which was 2 days prior to baby’s arrival, I gave up on that perfectly packed bag. I zipped up the bag and there it sat.

What did I pack?

For me:
-sweatpants (a new black pair from City Max)
-nursing bra (on from a three pack I bought on Amazon)
-3 pairs of underwear (a new 5 pack from City Max)
-tank top (new from City Max / altered using a nursing top tutorial)
-open front sweatshirt
-jersey robe
-sleep mask
-toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, contact case/solution/glasses, lotion, shampoo, comb, stretch oil, bottom balm, aloe vera gel, chapstick)
-snacks (granola bars, pedialyte packets)

For baby:
-2 new baby sets with button up sleepers, hats, bibs& scratch mittens (Mothercare)
-2 onesies (Gerber)
-fleece blanket
-going home outfit (onesie, sweater jumpsuit, socks & hat)
-7 diapers (Seventh Generation)
-trial size wipes (The Honest Company)
-cotton pads
-healing balm (Babyganics)

After my time in the hospital I laughed at all of the time I spent worrying about my bag.
Guess what I actually used?
-aloe vera gel
-1 pair of underwear
-the dress I wore to the hospital while in labor

That’s it.

I understand why we think so much about this bag and why it’s so easy to overpack. I think I’d also probably prefer to have things I might not need (to a point) rather than not having it incase I do.

Thankfully, my hospital provided me with just about everything I could have asked for.




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