Postpartum in KSA – At Home

 Everyone talks about the struggles of pregnancy. No one even begins to mention what it feels like after giving birth…especially once you go home.

I’m not even going to go into detail about the sudden responsibility of caring for a newborn baby. 

Let me just say that on top of bringing home my little bundle of joy I also brought home a bag of things from the hospital pharmacy.

•Herba Plus – liquid soap to clean *down there* — used this three times a day after using the toilet

•Movical – stool softener — used 1 packet each day for three days (way below suggested dosage)

•Solpadeine – pain reliever — didn’t use as the papers said its not safe for use while breastfeeding

•Omnicel – Antibiotic — took this for 4 days and then stopped

•HemaGel – ointment for *down there*

•Procutus Plus – ointment for *down there*

•Epicure – ointment for *down there*

–not sure why they thought I needed three different ointments for that area…I tried using them but it was inconvenient. I stuck with the HemaGel for awhile.

•Feroglobin – multivitamin — I used this and felt it was helpful.

•I was also given this nipple cream. I tried it a few times, but it has to be wiped off before feeding baby. I preferred the Lansinoh lanolin instead. However, I did use this before having a shower.

When I first arrived home my biggest complaint was that I really really really needed to sleep a little…and I did. While my precious baby slept, I slept. 

After that, I realized that sitting down was not an option. I could sit back, but upright, no way! I was sore and slightly swollen. This made feeding baby a challenge.(I’m going to talk about breastfeeding in another post as I’ve got a lot to say about that first week, but here is a one word summary – OUCH!)

The first day passed without much of a problem. The next day I started to feel like my body was falling apart. My arms were so sore from holding the bed handles while pushing. My down there region was sore from the stitches and from birth in general. My breasts felt like they would explode and my nipples like they might fall off (sorry!) At one point I woke up from a nap and my whole body was shaking. I couldn’t stand up and in that moment I was sure that something was seriously wrong with me. I almost called out to my husband, but sleepy baby snores stopped me. I guess all of these things are totally normal, but it would have been nice to know that beforehand.

I had been warned that pooping (excuse my language) would be a terrifying experience, but no one mentioned that peeing (excuse me again) might feel like being stabbed and lit on fire simultaneously. It was enough to make me shed tears everytime I left the bathroom. My husband ended up bringing me something called Betadine, which is an Iodine solution. I used it as a rinse. I would put warm water in a cup with a bit of the solution and just pour it over… I think that this was probably the worst of it all. I would be happy to forget how awful that felt.

I think that the pills and washes and ointments and creams just help put our minds at ease, but don’t do too much for our actual cause. 

Luckily, all of these things go away with a little bit of time. But if I am blessed to go through this experience again I would probably forget most of the products given to me from the hospital and use these instead:

•Earth Mama Angel Baby / Mama Bottom Balm — organic/no petroleum/no parabens/no artificial preservatives — basically a more natural option as opposed to the ointments suggested by the hospital. — I had this but didn’t use it because of all the other things I thought I needed to use.

•DIY after birth bottom spray – water/witch hazel/aloe gel/lavender oil —  I planned to use this, but a friend was bringing me back the witch hazel and lavender oil from the UK and I gave birth before she returned.

Despite these painful things, the beautiful baby that you’ve brought into the world makes going through all of it more than worth it.



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