DIY – Baby Triangle Quilt

My sister-in-law is pregnant with a baby girl  ( ما شاء الله تبارك الله ) and so I wanted to make her a gift while I have some time here at home to do some sewing.

Before I began this project I did a lot of searching on Pinterest and Google to figure out what exactly I wanted to do. I didn’t follow any one tutorial/pattern, but I used different websites as references to come up with my own little baby triangle quilt. You can find the websites that I used and found helpful below:

There is a lovely tutorial and pattern available on a blog called SeeKateSew. You’ll find helpful instructions, a free triangle pattern that can be printed and used for cutting your pieces.

I found a tutorial and pattern in a post by Stacy from a blog called Freshly Handmade extremely useful. She includes all the detailed information that you need, along with helpful pictures. 

If you are new to quilting, like I am, or if you are not sure how to sew binding this PDF file on double fold quilt binding techniques should help for sure.

For this quilt I used:
5 fat quarters
A soft material as a backing
100% cotton batting
2 packets of double folded binding

I washed my fabrics and hung them to dry. After they were dry I ironed them.
I printed out the triangle pattern, cut it out and used it to make a pattern on a piece of cardboard so that it would be easier to quickly trace the shape onto my materials.
I put one of the fat quarters onto a flat surface and used the pattern and a pencil to trace on 15 triangles. I then cut out all of the triangles. I used what was left from the cut fabric to cut out half triangles.

Once I finished cutting out all of my triangles I started arranging them in rows until I had the design and size that I wanted for the quilt. One thing I will definitely suggest is taking a quick picture before you pick up the pieces to start sewing.

I then took each row and stitched the triangles together. When I finished stitching together all of the rows I trimmed the threads and I ironed them, so that the seams were flat. I began to pin the rows together, trying to match up the points of the triangles. I sewed the rows together one after another until the front of the quilt was complete. Once again I trimmed the threads and ironed the seams flat.

Next I needed to cut the batting and backing material to size. I put the backing material down on the table face down and put the batting over it. On top of those two laters I put the quilt triangles up. I pinned them together in a few places around the edge of the triangle layer, so that the layers would stay in place while I cut the other materials to match the size. I did a straight stitch all the way around.

I then did straight stitches following the lines of the triangles on the quilt (each line would have a stitch on either side). This made a pattern on the otherwise solid back of the quilt that mimicked the front pattern. It was also a way to keep the three layers together.

When the quilted stitching was finished I needed to trim threads and the edge of the quilt to get rid of any excess. I then needed to attach the binding to cover the unfinished edge. To do this I pinned the binding face down to the front of the quilt and stitched it. At the end of a side the binding gets folded up at a 90 degree angle and then folded back down to begin the next side. Once this step is finished the quilt is flipped over to the back side and the binding is folded over and pinned. I stitched the binding all the way around the quilt. (I had no idea how to use the double folded binding that I bought to finish this quilt, but the PDF resource above is excellent and I had no problems with the binding).


This quilt is by no means perfect, but it came together quickly and overall I’d say that the end result is quite pretty.




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