DIY – Phone Case

My hometown is small. There isn’t much to do and for me that means time for crafting.

I recently bought a few transparent phone covers on ebay for $0.99 a piece with the idea of creating some of my own designs.

For one of the covers I decided to make a gift for my sister-in-law who is a talented makeup artist ( ما شاء الله تبارك الله ).


I used her user image from her Instagram as the center of the design. On my computer I inverted the colors, flipped it horizontally and then printed it at the size that I thought would fit best. I wanted to paint the design from the inside, so that the paint would be protected. Flipping the image made it so that the letters would not appear backwards on the front of the case.


I cut down the design that I had printed and used a piece of tape to attach it to the front of the case facing in so that I could see it while looking at the inside of the case. I used a fine tip paint marker ($1.97) in black to trace the design.


I also found a few images on We♥It. I edited them a bit — removed the background color and rotated them as I wanted. I printed them out and cut them as best as I could. I arranged them around the painted design until I liked how it looked. Then I used a small paint brush and some Mod Podge (4oz – $3.50) to glue the paper cut-outs to the inside of the phone case (design facing out).


Once that was dry I painted on a little more Mod Podge around the paper designs and sprinkled a bit of silver glitter (0.6 oz – $1.29) on top of the wet glue. Once that layer was dry I painted one last layer over the entire inside designs of the cover.


Here is what the case looked like when I was all done and the Mod Podge had dried.

You could make a design with just the paint marker or just paper cutouts, but I would suggest the Mod Podge to seal the design. You’ll definitely spend a lot less money making these DIY cases than you would purchasing them from the store and they will certainly be a lot more unique!




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