DIY – Hooded Baby Towel

My dear friend T recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy ( ما شاء الله تبارك الله ), so I decided that I wanted to make a little gift to send for her new bundle of joy.

I found a lovely and simple tutorial that you can find here. This tutorial along with a few reference photos allowed me to create this…


You could do this by hand, but it was quick and easy to do with a sewing machine.
I used 1 large bath towel and a few sheets of craft felt (1 cream, 1 brown & 1 black).

I wrote out paragraphs on how I made this, but I didn’t feel that this post was complete without step-by step pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures while I was doing this project because I wasn’t expecting to make a post about it. However, if you don’t mind a picture-less tutorial write me a comment and I’ll send you those directions that I wrote up. (update: you can find the written directions in the comments below)

I hope that you liked seeing my little creation and perhaps it has inspired you to try and make your own design!




8 thoughts on “DIY – Hooded Baby Towel

    • I was going to send it along to you, but I couldn’t find any contact info on your blog. I’ll just post it here in the comments. I hope thats alright!

      The bath towel is cut into a square. The corners are slightly rounded off. A triangle to be used as the hood is cut from the remainder of the towel. 4 circles are cut from the scraps to make the ears. These are sewn inside out leaving the bottom open, so that they can be turned right side. I attached them to the hood piece facing down. I then cut three shapes for the lion’s mane from the brown felt, which were also attached to the hood piece in the same position as the ears (this is so that they will be on top once the hood piece is attached to the main piece).

      The lion’s face was done with felt pieces sewn in place with a zigzag stitch. The eyes consist of two black felt ovals and two small cream circles. The black ovals were sewn first and the two circles were sewn on top of the black (at the bottom of the oval and slightly to the right). The mouth is a sort of egg shape from the cream felt with a rounded triangular shape from the black felt. The cream mouth was sewn first with the black shape sewn on top (at the top border of the cream shape). To finish the mouth and nose I used a zig zag stitch to make the mouth and a straight stitch to make 6 whiskers (three on each side).

      The hood piece was then attached to the main towel piece, matching it to one of the corners. The hood piece was face down (the design not showing) and the ears and hair facing into the hood space. After that I stitched the raw edges of the towel with a zig zag stitch to keep it from fraying.

      I also decided to make paws (total of 8 matching shapes needed) and a tail (one long rectangle). I then cut 2 bigger circles and 6 smaller circles from the brown felt to make the paw pad design on two of the lion’s paws. 1 bigger circle and 3 smaller circles were sewn with a zigzag stitch onto the front of two of the paw pieces. For the two other paws I just used a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine to make 3 lines on each to resemble nails or claws. The paw pieces were sewn inside out (one design piece with 1 plain piece) except for the bottom, so that they could be turned right side out. I cut a little design to resemble some tail hair from the brown felt and attached it to the end of the rectangular tail piece (facing down the rectangle). The tail was sewn inside out from the top to about halfway down the length (with the felt hair inside). It was turned right side and the remainder of the opening was sewn shut with a topstitch.

      In order to design where to attach the paws and tail I folded the towel up as I would to wrap a baby. The bottom corner is folded up and then the other sides are folded in (kind of like a swaddle). One of each of the paws will show, depending on what side of the towel is folded first. The paws with the paw pad design were sewn to the edge of the towel at the top part of the folded corners and the paws with the claw design were sewn to the edge of the towel at the bottom part of the folded corners of the towel. Lastly, the tail was sewn to the back of the towel at a place where just the hair stuck out at the bottom of the towel as it was folded up.

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