Bodrum, Turkey – 1 year later…

Bodrum is a place that I still see in my dreams from time to time. It’s relaxing, refreshing and extremely beautiful. The food was so fresh. The air was clean and crisp. The people were kind.

The resort was small, but elegant. Our suite had a large bathroom with a spa tub and turkish style bath with a waterfall shower. There was a large sofa and on the other side of the partition, a king sized bed. It had a small dressing room with a big wardrobe and vanity table. Stepping outside there was a balcony with a table and chairs facing the sea. Next to the balcony a private patio of sorts with garden furniture, a swing with a canopy and a jacuzzi tub. To be honest, I was in love with the place based on having that private outdoor jacuzzi alone.

Everyday we had breakfast and dinner at the resort. The meals were probably some of the best that I’ve ever had. The Turkish style breakfast spread that covered our entire table was absolutely incredible. It included breads, jams, honey, olives, vegetables, nuts, dried fruits and more. I loved having so much variety and the fact that we could sit and enjoy all of the different flavors for an hour or so before starting the day.

Not far from the resort was a small town. We went a couple of times to walk, have tea and do a little bit of shopping. The weather was warm, much warmer than Istanbul, so we could walk in the evening without feeling the chill.

Whenever someone asks about our trip to Turkey, I think fondly of Istanbul, but my heart gravitates towards Bodrum.




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