Happy 2nd Blogiversary

September 27th marks the second year that I’ve been writing here on this blog. I’ll admit that the past year I didn’t post as regularly as I had planned, but I’m setting new goals for myself this year. Life has changed a lot and I know that is why I haven’t been so consistent with my writing. I’ve started a new post, walked away from my computer to tend to something else and abandoned the text, never finishing it and never publishing it.

Now that things have settled a bit more I’m hoping to post more frequently. For a little while you may see posts from me about various things I’ve seen and done in the past year. Then I will do my very best to keep this space updated with current happenings.

I really appreciate all of you that have been reading since the beginning of my journey to Saudi Arabia and those of you who have stumbled upon my blog and taken the time to read through it. Thank you for all of your comments, messages and emails.




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