Delaware – 2015

At the beginning of June I finished my work at KSU and left Saudi Arabia to visit my family in the United States. My first stop was in Delaware to visit my grandparents.

After being away for a year the first thing that I really noticed upon landing in DC was the green. When we collected our bags and made our way outside the airport to the curb to catch a bus the cool air felt so fresh.

IMG_3512 IMG_3535 IMG_3755 IMG_3955

I woke up in the morning and sat with my grandfather to have coffee and chat while we waited for my grandmother to come home from work. Somedays we went out and some days we relaxed at home. We went antique shopping, we visited the beach, we took rides in the car, we watched movies on TV and most importantly, we enjoyed each others company.

I cherish these moments and while you make look at the pictures above and see raindrops on leaves, a cloudy sky, a tiny ladybug on rope or the texture of a cantaloupe, I see a lot more than that. I see, smell, taste and feel moments.

For me, pictures don’t need to be of people or specific places or events. I can remember just as much about a moment from an image of woodgrain or the foam on top of a hot coffee.




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