When Riyadh gets extra dusty…

Riyadh is typically a pretty dusty place. After all, it is basically a city in the middle of the desert. Normally you’ll need to dust every other day or every third day unless you like to write dust messages on your coffee table. When sandstorms come there is no way to keep up with the dust settling inside the house.


In the video you saw a picture of my floor where I had written “I </3 Riyadh”. That day I had come home and cleaned the floors at 5 pm. That picture was taken at 10 pm! The dust creeps in through any tiny crevice in the windows or doors. You also saw a picture of my phone that had been sitting on my nightstand since I came home from work.

I think it is kind of funny how when we live in different places we struggle with different, yet similar things. Here I struggle to keep up with the dust, while in the US I struggled to keep up with the mud. When I find myself whining about the dust I just think about the state of my front door back in Iowa whenever there was rain.

Cleaning is never ending no matter where we live, so I might as well do silly things like draw pictures in the dust before I clean it up.




One thought on “When Riyadh gets extra dusty…

  1. OMG, i feel you so much, i go to school at 6;30 come back 1;15 and theres a zoo inside my bedroom cause i left my window open, i can trust riyadh anymore

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