Picnic @ Wadi Hanifa

I got home from work and made the coffee and tea as I usually do. Y called soon after and asked me to put in in the carrier bag with a few cups and some small snacks. We drove to an area called Wadi Hanifa.. We sat on a red fleece blanket, talking about everything, sipping coffee and tea and enjoying the surroundings. Just as it started to get dark it began to rain again.


Usually when people who have never been here think about Riyadh they imagine desert. Riyadh is desert, but there are gorgeous places with trees, shrubs and greenery. There are parks and paths. There are gardens with flowers.




3 thoughts on “Picnic @ Wadi Hanifa

  1. Salaam ‘alaikum Sumayya, MashaAllah, so how long have you been staying in Saudi Arabia as an expat? Where in Saudi Arabia do you live? And are you a born Muslim? Full American or half-Saudi? 🙂

    Interesting blog, mashaAllah, may Allah the Most Merciful bless you and your family and guide you to His Mercy always. Ameen.


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