Makkah – Trip #2

Last month I had the chance to visit Makkah for Umrah. It was my second time traveling to Makkah for Umrah and it was just as special as the first.

Y and I flew to Jeddah where we met his mom and two of his younger sisters. We took a cab to Makkah where we stayed at the Fairmont Makkah Clock Tower Hotel. It was a two story suite facing the Haram and with a clear view of the Kaaba below. We performed umrah, relaxed and prayed in the hotel room, did some shopping in the mall and enjoyed each others company.

In the short video above you’ll find an interesting clip of a man trimming what looks like thin branches. It is called Miswak and it is actually from a tree, but it is not just a twig. These tiny branches are used as an all natural toothbrush. The benefits of using Miswak has been recorded throughout history and it is also Sunnah (recommended by Prophet Mohammed ﷺ).

It is so hard to leave Makkah at the end of a trip. I leave happy and thankful that I had the chance to visit. I also leave with a heavy heart that is full of prayer that I will be able to return.




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