Lush – Bath time!

I’ve known about Lush for a couple of years now, but I haven’t had the chance to try any of their products. However, I recently took a trip to one of the branches here in Riyadh.
t’s a tiny shop just down the street from Kingdom Tower. Inside the wooden doors are shelves lined with soaps, creams and bath products. However, the first thing that you’ll notice is the beautiful smells. Then your eyes will dart from here to there following the seemingly endless colors that fill the tiny shop.
I walked around curiously, holding all of the different products in my hand and taking them under my niqab for a quick whiff. I don’t think that I smelled anything that I didn’t like, except for this one anti-dandruff shampoo bar that smelled of tar.
I wanted to take home all of the bath bombs and bubble bars. They’re all so pretty with their various fruity, floral and exotic scents. I did choose a few.
First, I chose the “Rose Queen” bath bomb. It’s a light pink color and has bits of flowers inside. It smells of roses, hence the name.
Y chose the second one for me. It’s called “Lord of Misrule” and smells of patchouli and black pepper oil. The outside is green, but inside it’s purple.
The last bath product I got is “The Comforter”. It’s a bubble bar that smells of blackcurrent and makes the bathwater bright pink.

I also got a solid shampoo bar called “Ultimate Shine”. It contains ylang ylang oil, violet leaf and elemi oil. It’s a new idea for me to basically rub a bar of soap on my hair, but it suds up really nicely and washes out easily.

The one product that I purchased that I am not happy with is a sunscreen cream called “British Nanny”. It’s SPF 30 with organic almond, coconut, jojoba and starflower oils. I feel like this would be an amazing moisturizer for someone who doesn’t have acne issues because, while it made my skin so soft, I broke out really badly after just 1 use. These days I use it as a skin treatment instead. I apply it and then wash it off after 30 minutes. However, this defeats the purpose as it’s meant to be a suncream. Let me conclude this bit by stating the positives: a super rich texture and a delicious scent.

I’ll definitely go back to Lush to try more of their bath products, like the bath bombs and bubble bars. Overall, I’d suggest anyone who likes to enjoy a relaxing bath to give them a try. Their products have a lot to offer such as gorgeous scents, natural ingredients, fun colors and they make your skin feel great.




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