Rose Milk Tea

I was living in Iowa before I came to work in Saudi and there was this bubble tea shop at the local mall that sold chilled milk teas with those little tapioca pearls at the bottom. My favorite was the rose milk tea. It was slightly sweet with a subtle taste of rose and the creamy texture of milk. Ooh, how I’ve missed those!

I took a little nap after work today and when I woke up I was craving a cup of coffee, but decided that the caffeine probably wasn’t a good idea if I wanted to get back to sleep at a decent hour. Instead I thought to make a cup of tea.

isolated pitcher

I turned on the electric kettle to boil some water. On the stove I heated some milk. In a cup I put 3 rose buds, a drop of rose water and 1 black teabag. Once the water was boiled I filled the cup about a third of the way and let the tea steep. When the milk became hot I added 2 tablespoons of sugar and then used my frothing wand to make some foam. I removed the rose buds and then poured the sweet milk into the cup. I left the teabag for another minute and then removed it.


My experimental rose milk tea was absolutely perfect and instantly reminded me of a hot boba less version of the bubble tea that I used to get while living in IA.

Definitely give it a try!

الحمد لله‎



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