Kbaybah Ha’il • كبيبا حائل

How to make
Kbaybah Ha’il • كبيبا حائل

Almost 3 years ago my friend A taught me how to make this dish. It’s actually Y’s favorite dish and although it takes a long time to prepare and cook I’m always happy to do it because seeing him enjoy it makes the process 100% worthwhile.

To make Kbaybah Ha’il you will need:
*Egyptian rice
*Grape leaves
*Olive oil
*Spices (mixed spice or curry)

الحمد لله‎



2 thoughts on “Kbaybah Ha’il • كبيبا حائل

  1. Asalamu alaikum, this is such a long process ! May Allah rewards you to cook it so often despite the fact it is time consuming. In’sha’Allah I will give it a try.

    • Wa alaykum salaam ❤
      It is actually the first time that I have cooked it in over 1 year! I will make it for you someday or maybe we can prepare it together when we get the chance ❤ in sha Allah.

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