Fresh Air

One thing that I absolutely love about working at an all women’s university is being able to enjoy time outside. Once we are inside the campus walls we can go out without having to cover. We don’t have to wear our abayas or headscarves or face coverings. It’s something that we don’t really have the opportunity to do anywhere else here or in our home countries. Most of us here at work make it a point to go out everyday to enjoy the weather and fresh air simply because we can.

There have been a handful of afternoons spent outside on the grass with coffee and a few snacks.

The beautiful blue sky and scattered clouds.
Snapchat-20141111124640 (1)
Amongst the greenery of the campus gardens.Snapchat-20141111023918
lassic Ray Ban shades.
Arabic Coffee
Snapchat-20141111124827 (1)
Tiny chocolate brownie cupcakes.

الحمد لله‎



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