Turkey 2014 – Part 1

Long overdue, but here it is:

We left for the airport long before our flight and sat in the Riyadh domestic flight terminal for hours. It felt like forever and we even tried to change our tickets to an earlier flight, but unfortunately we had no choice but to sit and wait. Eventually the time came and we were able to board the plane.

Our first flight was with Saudi Airlines from Riyadh to Jeddah. I sat in the business class and Y was in economy. They served me Arabic coffee with dates and a few moments later I fell asleep.

When we arrived to Jeddah we had hours and hours to wait for our flight to Istanbul. Both of us were exhausted as we had only slept a hour or so on the previous flight and before that an entire day had passed. We decided to take a room at the airport hotel and sleep until we needed to catch our next flight. I’m not sure if we could have managed without doing that. We probably would have needed one day to recover once arriving in Turkey.

After our nap at the hotel we cut our boarding passes, checked our bags and went through security. While sitting outside the gate Y got us a couple of coffee’s an a piece of berry cheesecake to enjoy while we waited to board.

Finally it was time for us to board the plane and finish our journey and to start our holiday! We took Turkish Airlines from Jeddah to Istanbul. As we sat waiting for boarding to finish the flight attendants came around with a tray of turkish delights wrapped in little brown papers printed with the airline logo. Soon after they came around with the in flight meal menu. They offered a beef dish and a chicken dish. Y had the beef and I had the chicken. Everything was delicious. I don’t usually enjoy airline food that much, but it was nice and seemed fresh.

Both of us fell asleep and not long after the plane landed in Istanbul.

الحمد لله‎



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