Tuwaren – توارن

Tuwaren – توارن

IMG-20140906-WA0017 IMG-20140906-WA0018
↑ Cuisine of Ha’il and Najd
↑ Entry to the family section
↑ Inside the family section.
↑ Private room.
كبسه حائليه وكبيبا ورغيف بالعسل ولبن بالخيار وكوب لبن ↑
Kobaybah, Kebsa (Ha’il style), Wheat pancakes with honey, Yogurt with cucumber, 7-up and a cup of Laban.
IMG-20140906-WA0007 copy
كبسه حائليه : لحم غنم وقرصان وكوسه وقرع وباذنجان ↑
Ha’il Style Kebsa: lamb, rice, qursan (a type of thin bread), zucchini and squash.
ورق عنب مع رز ↑
Grape leaves stuffed with rice
رغيف بالعسل ↑
These are a kind of wheat pancake with honey drizzled on top.
Y was really excited to take me to this restaurant as their menu contains dishes from his city. I really enjoyed the traditional atmosphere, including sitting on the floor and eating kebsa with my hand. While the decor was awesome, the food was even better. The lamb just fell apart, the rice was extremely flavorful, the stuffed grape leaves had just enough tart from lemon and the honey pancakes added the perfect amount of light sweetness to the meal.

Are you hungry now? ☺

الحمد لله‎




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