Anatolia Turkish Grill – اناتوليا مشاوي تركيه

Anatolia Turkish Grill – اناتوليا مشاوي تركيه
Granada Center – مركز غرناطة

Last week Y and I went out for a bit to eat at a Turkish restaurant called Anatolia. If you’re hungry you might want to stop reading this post as you’ll definitely start drooling after these the delicious food in the following pics.
We ordered hummus, a cold salad, a minced meat pie (type of pizza), a mixed grill dish and a wrapped kabob served with yogurt.
The mixed grill dish had chicken and beef with thick fries and a side of bulgur rice (Y’s choice). It was a nice little variety and we enjoyed scooping up some hummus with each each bite.
This dish was described as “a skewer of kebab wrapped with thin dough and served with yogurt and a dressing of tomato sauce, butter, and pistachio” (My choice). However, the dish wouldn’t have been nearly as great without that creamy serving of yogurt in the middle.

We actually waited a long time for the restaurant to open up after al Isha’ prayer time, but it was totally worth it. The food was fantastic (especially my choice 😉 ) and it was also a pretty reasonable price. The servings were big enough that I went home with half of my dish and half a dish of the hummus as leftovers.

الحمد لله‎



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