Take time…

Take time to notice every moment.

Beautiful Moments

Something that I love is the ever changing sky.
No two moments are the same.
Just blink and something will change.
Don’t forget to look.
I mean really look at all of the beautiful things around you.
Because just as you blink one moment is lost and another begins.
Notice everything.
The colors, the patterns, the shapes, the sizes, the light and the dark.
Notice the beauty in every little thing.
Take time to look and to notice because in just a moment there will be something new to see.
See it. Embrace it. Remember it.

الحمد لله‎



2 thoughts on “Take time…

  1. I dont know how i came here , i want to tell you that you wrote an amazing words and i love how your words are touching my heart and made me tear up ❤️😭 so beautiful ❤️ الله يحفظك

  2. I don’t know how i found your blog, but your words are so amazing its really touching my heart deeply, hope you enjoy every moment of your life. Be save ❤️ الله يحفظك

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