USA Travels – Part 6 – MS

USA Travels

August 4 – August 8

For the last part of my trip I got to spend time at my Mom’s house is Mississippi. Her house is in the country, surrounded by green and so peaceful. سبحان الله I love sitting outside, watching the hummingbirds buzz by, seeing a unique sunset every night and hearing the crickets chirp as it becomes dark.

I had really missed begin around animals so Mom’s 5 dogs (Willy, Gracie, Luna, Stella & Gus) kept me company while everyone was at work, not to mention the two cats (Thelma & Louise) and my bunny (Arnooby) who has been staying there while I’m away.

I always talk about food, but who doesn’t love good food? The first night Mom made spaghetti with a homemade sauce from their garden tomatoes. The second night D made steak and potatoes. The third night Mom and I made corn dogs. The fifth night we went out to eat sushi. The sixth and last night D made baked fish and vegetables. Yum!

My last day Mom took me to a city nearby to go shopping. We spent most of the day browsing in the mall and a couple other shops nearby. I’ve really missed doing that with her and it is something that I’m looking forward to again soon, إن شاء الله

To my mom & D:
I love you and thank you.

الحمد لله‎



One thought on “USA Travels – Part 6 – MS

  1. What a beautiful trip. The food on the terrace with a fire camp, mashallah, a must 🙂 And I loved the dogs, cats and little (actually he is doub ❤ ah ah) Arnooby 🙂 Ah and the birds 🙂

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