USA Travels – Part 5

And here we go again.
Sunday afternoon we set off on the 2 hour drive from DE to Baltimore, MD to catch our flight to Memphis, TN.
The Baltimore airport is relatively small and like Albany the checking in and security processes aren’t so bad. My mom and I got through everything and then went to sit at the gate with a cup of coffee.
Near boarding time they changed our gate and as everyone rushed to the new one we all realized that we were going to be waiting a while as there wasn’t a plane parked outside yet.
We waited patiently…
Time passed…
The sun went down…
It began to pour…
We finally boarded the plane not knowing that take off wasn’t going to be happening any time soon either.
Because of the hard rain and an incoming storm we sat and waited…
When we finally did take off we hit terrible turbulence trying to break through the storm clouds that hovered over the area. Once we got through I calmly watched flashes of lightning that lit up the clouds below سبحان الله .

The rest of the flight was smooth, but once we landed in Memphis we stood again waiting at the baggage claim wondering if our bags were ever going to come around on the conveyor belt.
Eventually we found our bags, walked to the truck and headed to Mississippi.

الحمد لله‎



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