USA Travels – Part 3

Here I go again.
Tuesday morning I had to wake up at 2am to catch my flight from Albany, NY to Baltimore, MD.
The airport in Albany is tiny. Checking in is generally quick and security is mostly painless. I got through everything and sat at the gate waiting for my flight.
The flight was short at only about 50 minutes. The woman sitting next to me was listening to music on her phone and couldn’t stay still in her seat. She was snapping her fingers and shaking herself as much as possible while still being restrained by her seatbelt. That had me entertained while I continuously failed to sleep.
After landing I waited in the baggage claim area for my mom’s flight to arrive a few hours later. I watched videos on my phone and observed people as they came and went.

A little later I saw my mom searching around. I was looking straight at her and I swear she saw me, but she kept walking. I started laughing and that is when she turned around and realized that it was me.

We hopped in the car with my grandparents and drove around Baltimore visiting the neighborhood where my Grandfather grew up.
We stopped and I grabbed this delicious watermelon slushy.
As we continued to drive I tried to stay awake but my eyelids became heavy and closed.

الحمد لله‎



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