First Iftar Invitation

First Iftar (Breakfast) Invitation

I recently went to visit my friend B’s family here in Riyadh. I spend some time with her younger sister, mother and aunt. All who are very kind and welcoming. I regret not going to visit them sooner and I promised that I would visit more often after I return from my upcoming trip.
When I arrived it was near to the time for the Maghrib Athan (when we break our fast) and they began bringing out sweets, dates, coffee, tea, water and juices.

I was served endless cups of arabic coffee while having conversation with her sister in English and her aunt in Arabic. Well, she spoke Arabic and I understood, haha.


After a while we went to the dining room to sit for the meal. There were soups, a potato dish, sambas, french fries, fish, foul and bread. Everything was delicious.

I know I usually say this, but it is not the delicious food or hot coffee that makes these times beautiful memories, it is the conversation and sitting with truly kind and inviting individuals.

الحمد لله‎



4 thoughts on “First Iftar Invitation

  1. I love this simple yet so Ramadan-ish post ❤ And I agree with you wholeheartedly, the food is a special part of Ramadan meet ups but I especially love the relationships we make stronger and better ❤

    Hope you're having a lovely Ramadan!

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