The Lights

Riyadh – الرياض‎
and its many colors during the month of Ramadan.

I went out last week to the Saudi Airlines office so that Y could print our boarding tickets for our trip to Makkah. I was surprised to see Kingdom Tower lit up in alternating color combinations as the top half of the office lights flicked off and on in sequence. The Narcissus Hotel was beautiful as usual, with its top section glowing various changing shades creating vibrant shadows and highlights amongst its columns and arches. The glowing white lights of the unique and elegant Faisaliyah Tower  glistened against the dark sky. Below it a hotel was decorated with strings of lights in lines, patterns and drapes like cloth.

Mesmerizing sights during a beautiful night of Ramadan.

الحمد لله‎



One thought on “The Lights

  1. It looks beautiful. I wish I was there for Ramadan.
    Enjoying your posts as usual. Have a blessed Ramadan! 🙂

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