Evening Visit

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the past I wrote about my visit with my friend’s family. Her mom was the first one to contact me when I arrived here in Riyadh. I had a chance to spend the day with her family at their home and not long after they took me a long to my first Saudi wedding.

I think it is a common thing here to invite or be invited to visit with others after alMagrib prayer. Two days ago I received a message from my friend’s sister “S” asking me to come for coffee/tea. “S” doesn’t speak a lot of English and I don’t speak much Arabic at all, but we actually managed just fine. We communicated in a mixture of the two languages and I would say we only had to translate a handful of words in the three hours that we spent together.

When I arrived she brought a custard dish and poured me cups upon cups of Arabic coffee. After a while she uncovered a dish of breads: mini pizzas, cheese filled mini croissants and meat sambusa. Pouring me cups of tea, we chatted, showed each other pictures on our phones and enjoyed the snacks. After a bit she brought out a couple of sodas in glass bottles and we continued talking until I got a call from “Y” to leave.

I really enjoyed her company. It is amazing to me how fast time passes and how easy it is to enjoy the simple moments like this here. In sha Allah (God willing) I have the chance to visit her again very soon.

الحمد لله‎



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