Sand & Rain

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

April 29, 2014

I was sitting in my office at work as it slowly started becoming darker and darker outside. I noticed that it was also becoming very windy. My office mate “L” and I walked out of the office and checked the outdoor sitting area across the hall. When she opened the door there was an overwhelming amount of dust in the air. It was so dark that it looked like it was 8 or 9 pm, but it was only about 2:30 in the afternoon.

After about 15 minutes it started to become lighter outside and then came the rain. We were actually asked to leave the university early because it was raining so hard. Walking from the academic building to the terminal to catch the bus was fun. I was soaking wet after just a few steps. My abaya was wet, the clothes under my abaya were wet and I even had puddles in my shoes.

It was the first time I had seen a real storm here in Riyadh. It was beautiful. After a few months with no significant rain it was a wonderful sight. I felt like it changed everyones mood. All of the girls on the bus were talking and laughing. I was sitting on the bus taking pictures and videos of something that wouldn’t have phased me at all if I had been back in the US.

I’ve always liked rainy days, but I don’t think you can appreciate them as much until you live in a place where rainstorms are few and far between.

 الحمد لله

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