Beautiful “B”

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 

I have had such great experiences with the people that I have met since I got here in January, but I recently met someone who I felt instantly connected to.

A couple of weeks ago I received a message on whatsapp from Y’s friend’s wife. She introduced herself and started a chatting with me. After about a half hour she invited me to come to her home to meet her. Around 7pm she sent a driver to come pick me up. When I arrived she met me at the door with a big smile. She welcomed me into the house and we went to sit for coffee and sweets.

I had made this dessert. It was basically a thin crust covered with Nutella, M&M’s and chopped Kit Kat.

As is customary, I was offered a cup of Arabic coffee. This time it was served in this delicious little chocolate cup. All while the tables around me were covered with little snacks like cakes, candies, chips and popcorn. B’s mom came in and sat with us for a few minutes and soon after her younger sister did the same.


After we had quite a bit of time to sit and talk, we went to the dining room to enjoy the dinner that my new friend B’s mom had prepared. She had made a salad, kebsah and jareesh. It was my first time to try Jareesh and I can’t forget how delicious it was. It is a kind of rice that is very wet and creamy with the taste of chicken.

I felt so comfortable with them that when they asked me to stay the night in their home I accepted almost immediately. I felt so welcomed.

The next weekend B invited me again. She said that she was going to her friend’s house and that she wanted me to come.



Her friend’s house was absolutely beautiful. The table in the sitting room was filled with amazing snacks. Of course there was Arabic coffee, small cakes and chocolates. After that there were sparkling juices, chips with dips, and small breads with cheeses or zaatar. We talked, danced and laughed. At around 2:30 am they brought chicken sandwiches, french fries, mini pizzas and more. Everything was so delicious.

I stayed the night at B’s house again and the next day when we woke up her mom had prepared a gorgeous lunch. There was a bechamel pasta, salad, kebsa and a dish called gurson (I am not sure about the spelling). They also served fresh fruits and watermelon. After the lunch B asked me if I wanted to go with them to visit their Aunt.

I was enjoying my time with B and her friends and family so much that there was no way I could say no. B’s aunt is a teacher at a school for Al Quran. She was kind and lovely with me, as were the other members of her family that I met there. Of course I enjoyed more coffee, dates, sweets and snacks and went back to B’s home so full that I almost felt like I needed someone to roll me out the door.

2 weekends with my new friend and I can honestly consider her one of the people that I feel most comfortable with and close to. This is a gift from God and I am more than grateful for this new friendship.

The food is always fantastic, but the company is what makes life beautiful here.

 الحمد لله



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