استراحة – Istrahah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

A couple of weeks ago Y’s sister F sent me some pictures. The girls (Y’s sisters) and their cousins stayed the night in an استراحة Istrahah. I don’t really know how to describe an istrahah, but I will try to write a post in the future to give you a better idea. For now I just want to show you the pictures that she sent to me. I really feel like the girls had a great time and I hope to join them if they do this again in the future.


The place was private (girls only), so they had an area to sit outside.


What looks like mounds of delicious food.


A grill to cook cute mini pizzas.


As well as a fire to enjoy as the night went on.

I wanted to share this because I feel a lot of people think that all women do here is sit in the house or go to the mall. The girls told me that they really enjoyed their time at the istrahah. I think that the thing about being here is that your social life becomes more about the people that you spend time with and less about where you spend that time. Whether it be at home, at the mall, at a restaurant or at a place like an istrahah, the things that you remember most are the conversations and laughter.

الحمد لله‎



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