بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Benihana – بنيهانا
Japanese Restaurant – مطعم ياباني


The last restaurant that Y and I visited together before he left Riyadh was a Japanese place called Benihana. We had tried to eat there the previous night but it was so packed that they weren’t even taking any more names for the waiting list. This time there was still a wait, but it wasn’t long at all and ended up being worth it.


The family section had private rooms with a full Hibachi grill. The decor was clean and modern.


The soup, salad and sushi that we ordered came first. Along with our drinks. Y had his usual soda and I ordered a Pina Colada. From the first sip I was in love with its silky smooth coconut sweetness.


Soon after the chef came to cook the Hibachi chicken dish that we had ordered. It was a good show and the chef was friendly as he shared small talk with Y.


The dish was delicious. It was lighter and more flavorful than any Hibachi I’ve had in the USA. It wasn’t weighed down with oil. I found it so amazing that the rice had a slightly different flavor than the chicken and the chicken a slightly different flavor than the vegetables. Usually Hibachi is this mixed up dish where everything tastes of a slightly salty soy sauce and not much else.

It cost about $90 to eat at Benihana and it probably isn’t something that you could make a regular thing, but it was a really nice end to Y’s visit and because the food was so delicious we had no regrets.

الحمد لله



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