Lunch and a Gift

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

On Saturday Y and I went to our friends’ family’s house for lunch. This is the same family that helped me when I first arrived here. The ones that took me to my first Saudi wedding. I was really excited to meet them for lunch because I hadn’t seen them since the wedding.

I have been telling Y since he arrived that I have wanted to get a gift for my friend’s mom. They all made me feel so welcome and I honestly felt like when I visited them that I was a part of their family. You really can’t ask for a better gift than that and while there is nothing that I could bring to them that would be enough of a thank you, I still wanted to try.Arabian-Oud-Logo
The day after the lunch Y and I went out and ended up stopping at a branch of a brand called Arabian Oud. This store sells beautiful perfumes, oils and incense (all which are extremely popular and traditional here).

20140323_180207Y chose this box set. It was a lovely silver trimmed box with a suede lining. Inside it had a smaller silver box for incense (bukhoor/oud) and two bottles for oud perfume oil. It was perfect for us to give to our friends’ parents as one bottle could be for her and the other for him.IMG-20140323-WA0025
We took a few minutes to check the scent of a few different bukhoor incense samples, choosing the last one that the clerk burned for us. Then we chose a scent for him and a scent for her to fill the little bottles that would rest inside the decorative box.
This is what it looked like once the box and bottles had been filled. Y wrote a small note card for our friends’ dad and on another small card he wrote my message for their mom.

إن شاء الله in sha Allah they love our simple gift and know what is in our hearts for them. They really deserve this and so much more.

الحمد لله‎



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