Thai Food and Cake

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

IMG_20140322_215959We decided to try a restaurant called Bangkok Seafood Restaurant.
The dish in the picture was called “steamed salted shrimp”. It was really delicious. The shrimp were fresh and cooked perfectly. Y tried a chicken dish that was a bit too spicy, but he still said that it was good. The appetizer was the best part. We had these shrimp that were battered and fried. I know that it sounds like something that is far from my taste, but they weren’t greasy at all and the batter was spongy and nice. They were served with some sweet and sour sauce that I couldn’t stop tasting.

IMG_20140323_000206© smyh
After our dinner we drove around for a bit until we saw a store for Saadeddin pastry. Y had told me many times about a specific blueberry cheesecake that he absolutely loves. Apparently it is made by this brand and he insisted that I try it. We got 3 small pieces of blueberry cheesecake and I chose this little cake called “raffaello”(it was a white cake covered with coconut and filled with a coconut cream and biscuit layer). It was absolutely heavenly. 

الحمد لله



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