The Clock Tower

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Princess Noura University has really a unique and beautiful campus.
On Thursday I took a walk with my friend (and office mate) “L”.
It was a sunny day and actually quite warm, but there was also a breeze and walking in the shade was perfect. It gave use the chance to get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air.

IMG_20140320_154504Walk around PNU and make sure to look up sometimes. You’ll see these beautiful designs all over the place.
IMG_20140320_154630This is a clock tower at the end of the some of the academic buildings and just before the library and administrative building. It’s tall, grand and very detailed. There is a path all around it with benches for sitting.
IMG_20140320_154753This is a closeup of the door of the clock tower. It is gold with beautiful wooden designs. I love things like this. From far away it goes unnoticed, but as soon as you begin to approach the tower it begins to catch your eye.

Something that I love about buildings is that from far away they are seen in their entirety, yet as you approach them they become massive and all of the minute details emerge.

الحمد لله



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