Snacks at Work

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The ladies in the office across the hall from my classroom have continued to spoil me.

They have offered me cups of arabic coffee and various different sweets.20140217_075619
One day I was given a little heart shaped sweet that had a layer of chocolate, a layer of sweetened coconut and a layer of soft chocolate brownie. It was amazing and I’m pretty sure that one of the ladies made it herself.20140224_120932

Another day I received this beautiful little sweet that was placed in a cute plastic dish with a tiny spoon. It also had different layers and a pretty little pattern on top. One of the ladies told me that she had made it at home. Mashallah it was beautiful and also delicious.

I also received a red velvet mini cupcake from the sugar sprinkles shop. It had cream cheese frosting. It was perfect.

20140227_120142 20140225_115814

I have been making coffee or tea and bringing it to work to share with the girls in my office everyday. I usually bring tea, either a combination of black tea and rose or black tea and mint. Last week I made Arabic coffee as well and brought some dates to share. It is easy and yet makes the office hours so much more enjoyable




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