Köşebaşı – كوشي باشي

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Y, Mom and H had driven over 5 and 1/2 hours to come to Riyadh.
Here are a couple of pictures from their journey.IMG-20140214-WA0063 IMG-20140214-WA0059©smyh 2014

After they picked me up from my apartment we drove to the hotel. It took a little bit of time because there is always traffic in Riyadh. Eventually we arrived. The hotel was really nice. We had a modern two bedroom/2 bath suite with a large living and a kitchen.

We relaxed for a bit. I gave Mom and H the cupcakes that I had picked up earlier and we enjoyed the sweets with some Arabic coffee they had brought with them.

Soon after we all decided to take a short rest. They were tired from the trip and I was tired from work. It was around 7pm and we planned on waking up around 9pm to go out, but we didn’t end up leaving the hotel until around 11pm.

We got in the car and started to drive around. We were hoping to go to the mall, but everything was closed as it was a bit too late at that point. Some of the restaurants were still open, so we decided to get something to eat.

Köşebaşı – كوشي باشي

admin979954122This is what the restaurant looks like from the outside in the evening.
admin1373172064We sat in the family section, which is private making it much more comfortable. IMG_5087The unique thing about restaurants here is that the family section will have seating with some sort of partition or sometimes even private rooms. At Kosebasi we sat in a booth and they put a fold up screen. The waiter would simple knock the wooden screen before opening up one side to deliver the food.

IMG-20140214-WA0066For appetizers we had a salad with pomegranate dressing, doner kabab (which is lamb), kibbeh (which is like a meatball with breading), hummus and fresh bread.
IMG-20140214-WA0053The bread was fresh, soft and so delicious. It is thin and had seeds on the outside.
IMG-20140214-WA0068This is the doner kabob, hummus and some pickles.
IMG-20140214-WA0056There was so much delicious food! Y had the dish on the bottom right (I forget what it was).
IMG-20140214-WA0058Mom and H had chicken kababs.
IMG-20140214-WA0065IMG-20140214-WA0051I had these two dishes. The first is a very thin bread with minced lamb and the second is a thicker bread with cheese (like a pizza without sauce).

to be continued…




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