بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I woke up early Thursday morning to a message from Y saying that his mom and youngest sister would be coming with him to visit me. I was so excited that I couldn’t go back to sleep before work.

The four hours of teaching that morning flew by. As my last student handed in her written exam she pointed out that one of the other students had left their new laptop behind. I waited for the two ladies who take care of the offices and classrooms on that floor to come back from their break.

When they came around the corner and saw me standing there they started smiling. I told them about the laptop and they invited me into their office for coffee.  Both of the ladies are Saudi. One doesn’t speak English and the other seems to understand a lot, but doesn’t speak much (kind of like me with Arabic). She would ask me questions in Arabic and I would answer her in English. It was kind of a strange situation, but it worked. I had a couple cups of coffee and a few sweets that they offered me and then I excused myself to go attend a meeting.

I left their office smiling as I walked to a different building where the company meeting was being held. It took me a while to find the room, but I ended up seeing some of my colleagues searching as well and we eventually figured it out. The meeting was about some of the company policies. The new project manager seems to be doing her best to get things in order. I appreciated the meeting and it helped pass the time.

After the meeting I decided to walk down to the cafeteria and pick up a small gift for Y’s mom and sister. There is is little cupcake shop called Sugar Sprinkles that everyone raves about and I thought that it would be something nice to share with them after they had been in the car for so long.


I ended up getting a box of 12 mini cupcakes. They look so cute and as I found out later they are delicious too! The bottom 4 were oreo, the middle 4 were kit kat, the 2 on the top left were some kind of raspberry truffle and the 2 on the top right were malteser (or whopper).

After my purchase I walked back to my office in the other building and spent about an hour waiting for my work day to end so that I could get back to my apartment and prepare for Y’s arrival.

On the way home I actually fell asleep on the bus. I woke up just before we arrived and I sent a message to Y letting him know that I was there. He replied saying that they would be arriving in less than a half hour. Once I got into the apartment I packed a small bag, made myself look presentable and patiently waited for Y’s call.

Not long after my phone rang. It was Y telling me that they were outside. I got dressed, grabbed my bags and left my apartment. The passenger side door opened and I greeted Y’s mom. We kissed cheeks, said hello and then I got into the car where I greeted Y and his sister.

to be continued…




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