On my way to work…

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I thought it might be nice to take you on the bus with me to work in the morning. I leave my apartment around 6:40 am and get on the company bus parked outside the building. It leaves about 5 minutes later.

This is a street not far from where I live.


Here is a video that I took while on the highway to enter the University and also once we entered campus. [The entire bus ride is at least 20 minutes, so I didn’t film the whole ride]. You’ll be able to see what the University looks like from my bus window, which is tinted and a bit dirty, but I hope you enjoy it anyways.

Always remember to thank God for even the smallest and seemingly mundane things. Arriving to work safely each morning is a blessing. Seeing the fantastic colors of the morning sun is a blessing. Having 20 minutes to reflect before work is a blessing.




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