My Classroom

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This week was the start of the new semester, which means that I have been assigned my classroom and have started teaching.

There are a few more than 40 seats, a yellow bulletin board that stretches the left wall, a portable dry erase board, an “e-podium” and projector.

20140126_083442↑ View from the front
20140126_083510↑ View from the back

It’s nice to finally feel like I’ve got a schedule and that I’ll be able to get into a routine. I teach two sections (with a co-teacher) that are one hour and fifty minutes each starting at 8 am and finishing at near 12 pm. After that I have office hours for the rest of the day. I arrive back at my apartment around 4:30 pm.

I don’t have the keys to my office yet, so I have been wandering around and occupying various couches and having chats with some of the other teachers.


A great benefit of Being at a women-only campus is that we don’t have to wear our abayas or hijabs because there are no men. It is so great because it means that we can take a short walk or sit outside during the lunch break to soak up some vitamin D.




6 thoughts on “My Classroom

  1. Salam alaikum Habeebti ! Mashallah this is so exciting ! It seems like I want to say in every single article that I am happy for you but here it’s the truth : I feel so happy for you ! You are building your place in KSA and everything will go smooth In’sha’Allah.

    May Allah loves you and bless you my dear friend ❤

    • wa alaykum salaam ya galby ❤ Alhamdullah everything is okay here. I'm sorry that I haven't had the chance to catch up with you on skype. I will try to send an email soon, in sha Allah. Miss you! May God grant you peace, happiness and good health my sister ❤

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