My New American Friend: Part 2

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

My new friend “N” came to visit me for the day. I felt a little bit shy asking her to come to my place, because I really don’t have much for entertaining, but I decided that shouldn’t matter and it didn’t.

20140123_135631I had put out the few snacks that I had in my apartment and also a toasted cheese sandwich. When “N” arrived I brought out cups of Nescafe. We sat, talked, listened to music and watched a show or two on the TV.
20140123_123328 I had a few things in my apartment like date filled cookies, chocolate cake rolls with cream, coconut shortbread cookies & cookies with a chocolate and cream.
20140123_194409“N” is so lovely and actually brought some snacks from hers to share with me: Hazelnut cream wafers, caramel waffle wafers & chocolate cookies with cream and strawberry.
20140123_153003She also brought cream cheese sandwiches, strawberry & banana candy sticks & cherry candies.

After about 5 hours of snacking an chatting, we both felt a bit hungry and “N” decided to stay a bit longer, so I cooked for us.
20140123_214043I made rice with onion, tomato & zucchini, with a salad, lebneh and laughing cow cheese.

It is so great to have a friend here who I feel like I can really relate to. We seem to get along so well and the fact that we could sit together for more than 10 hours without getting bored is so fantastic.

I’m looking forward to many more times like this one.




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