Laundry Day

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I want to begin this post by saying, thank God الحمدلله  that I have some sort of washing machine here, but I will never again complain about doing the laundry back in the USA. Let me give you a little lesson on the processof doing laundry here in my apartment.

↓ Here is my machine. It has three dials. The far left is a timer for the washer. The middle is for heavy, normal or draining function. The right is a timer for the “spinner”. On the top left and right corner you will see holes. Those are supposed to be for the water input, but the hose doesn’t fit the faucet in my bathroom or my kitchen.

↓ This is the compartment for the wash cycle. I have to make sure the middle dial is not on drain and then use a bucket to add water to the compartment. I have a mop bucket and I have to fill it twice to have enough water for a half load. I add a little powdered detergent to the water, turn the machine on for a second to mix it up and then I add the clothes. At that point you can just shut the lid, turn the timer on and walk away until it finishes.20140122_143142

Once the wash cycle has finished I have to turn the middle dial to drain. I should mention that it is a really good thing that there is a floor drain in the kitchen ↓, because the machine has to be situated so that the drain tube can reach the floor drain, so that I don’t flood water all over the room. Drain the water, fill the machine with fresh water, turn the wash on for a minute, drain the water, fill the machine with fresh water, turn the wash on for a second, drain the water…
The soaking wet clothes then have to go into the second compartment ↓ “spinner”, which is not a dryer, but basically just does the spin cycle function. Not a big deal, but it is an added step. The clothes are spun around for about 5 minutes and then they are ready to be hung up to dry.
20140122_14582020140122_145826↑ I’m not strict about grammar. I value comprehensibility, but it still funny to read things like this because you will notice some of the mistakes automatically. 

My friend was nice enough to let me borrow her drying rack ↓. It is much more convenient and much less awkward than hanging my damp clothes all of the apartment. I’m not too bothered by this step. I’ve always liked air drying clothes, because I feel like the dryer damages fabrics, changes color and shrinks the size.




4 thoughts on “Laundry Day

  1. Your grandpa Ed did say all of his polyester used to shrink down in fla when Judy put it in the dryer. No way it was all that good eating. 🙂

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