My New American Friend

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Tuesday night I had the chance to meet “N” from . She invited me to her home for the evening. I was so excited to meet her and now I’m even more ecstatic to have her as a friend here in Riyadh.

Her and her husband came to pick me up around 6pm. I got a call from her saying that she was outside. I unlocked the building door and there she was. “Assalamu alaykum” (Peace be upon you), I said. “Wa alaykum salaam” (And Peace be upon you), she replied. She held out her hand and greeted me Saudi style pressing our right cheeks together while asking each other how things are going like this ↓Two-Muslim-women-greet-ea-007We got in the car and her husband dropped us off at their apartment.  Her apartment is beautiful (ماشاء الله). I stole this picture from her blog so that you can see what I mean 🙂  ↓
20131028-011814When we arrived she brought a tray with Arabic coffee and tons of chocolates, biscuits and sweets. I completely forgot to take a picture because it was so lovely that I just wanted to enjoy it. After a while her husband gave her a call and she went to the door. She came back with a bag full of home cooked foods that her in-laws had prepared.
20140121_221349There was rice, chicken, beef, eggplant with potato, stuffed zucchini, mini wraps, kibbeh, grape leaves and more.
20140121_221354Every item was so delicious. My favorite was the minced beef with eggplant and potato (I forget the name of this dish). The stuffed zucchini was also fantastic (notice how small the zucchini are here).
20140122_000148To top it all off she had a large variety of individual bottles of the juice that I love. I should have tried something new, but I just loved the mixed fruit flavor so much.
20140122_001832We finished the night with some mint tea, crackers and mixed nuts. It was the perfect addition after all of the delicious food.

All I’ve done is tell you about what I had to eat, but in all honesty the best part of my visit was the conversation. I felt so comfortable talking with “N” and I feel like she is going to be a really great friend for me here. We talked without a pause (except to sip and chew) from about 6:30 pm to 1:00 am and I can’t even tell you how many different subjects we managed to chat about.

I’m looking forward to many more of these wonderful visits (ان شاء الله).




4 thoughts on “My New American Friend

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time and got the true Saudi visiting experience from a fellow American 🙂 I can’t wait to have you over when my apartment is finished( or at least decent) in Sha Allah 🙂

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