Old Fashioned Candies

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

While I was at the wedding a woman insisted that I take a bunch of things home with me from this table of traditional Saudi items. She was so excited about it and I hope she could tell from my smile how much it meant to me. I have always liked the old fashioned candies and snacks in the US, so it was really neat to be able to see some Saudi items as well. I was given a pile of traditional candies, the disk of m&m like candies,  a package of banana flavored wafer cookies and some tea biscuits.


While tasting all of these I could remember some similar candies from home and that made me smile. Some of them were similar to the taste of ribbon candies, some were like a more mild sweet tart and some were like mini jawbreakers. The banana wafers were delicious and exactly like the vanilla kind my mom used to eat. The tea biscuits were very similar to typical animal crackers in the US with that small hint of vanilla flavor.


The woman was smiling as she put all of these glass marbles in my hand. She was talking in Arabic and I didn’t understand her words, but I knew she was trying to tell me about the game. She was demonstrating by her hands on the table. I remember playing with marbles as a kid and it is just one of those small things that brings back happy memories.




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