A Pleasant Surprise

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

On Wednesday I was standing in one of the girl’s office spaces when an email came through. Apparently there was a large meeting that we all should attend in one of the large assembly halls a floor below. We all gathered our bags and walked downstairs.

The assembly hall was huge with a screen large enough for two projectors. The chairs were like miniature sofas with a little desks that pulled out of the arm (similar to the emergency exit row seats on airlines) and even outlets in the front down on the floor for convenience.

PNU-Grand-Lecture-hall-2-news PNU-Grand-Lecture-Hall-news
This is not the exact lecture hall that the presentation was held in, but it is almost exactly the same. The only difference is really just the color.

Girls continued to come in and sit down and we all chatted as we waited for the meeting to start. All around the front of the room there were tables with arabic coffee, chocolates, juices and water.


The meeting was meant to be a presentation of awards for teachers who were considered exemplary for going above and beyond, and also for having perfect attendance. It was a nice little presentation and the chocolates were delicious.




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