My Riyadh Apartment

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The company that recruited me to come work here in Riyadh has provided me with a furnished apartment. It is in a secure building with other female teachers. The apartment has a kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom. The floors are a white ceramic and the ceilings are quite high.

My Apartment ✿ شقتي
This is the entrance as you walk into the apartment. On the right is the kitchen and straight ahead is the living room.
This is the kitchen. It is a bit minimal, but there is a new fridge and microwave. There is quite a bit of cabinet space on the right. There is a small sink in the back there. There is no oven,  just a small hot plate with two burners.
This is the living room, which is also a little dining area with a round table and two chairs. There is a sofa and a chair, as well as a flatscreen TV and receiver (which I have not bothered to try yet).
Just another view of the living room. In the back there to the left a bit is the kitchen and the entrance.
To the left is the bedroom and straight ahead is the bathroom. To the right there is a washing machine (which I also need to figure out how to use).
This is the bedroom. The apartment was ready with the bed, nightstand and wardrobe.
There are also really nice long drapes that are heavy enough to keep the sun out (as well as the cold/hot air from outside). The conditioner in the wall also functions as a heater. There is one in the living room too.
There is also a little desk/vanity, which is quite nice. An ironing board and iron were also here when I arrived.




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