بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
I had an entire row of three seats all to my self on this flight. It’s once of those short flights where it seems like it has only been a few minutes since takeoff when the pilot announces “We’ll be starting our initial decent into blank city shortly”. They offered a meal of rice, salad, a roll with honey/jam, a small mars bar, water and juice. They also went up and down the aisle offering coffee and tea. Overall, my experience with Saudia was fine and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again.

مطار الملك خالد الدولي
220px-KKIA_Logo 220px-Riyadh-airport
I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about immigration and customs once arriving in Riyadh. Once reaching the lines for customs I stood to wait for my turn. There was a large group of elderly people in front of me and I stood there for a while. The rest of the lines started to disappear and an agent from across the hall called me over. I handed him my passport. He asked me to place my fingers on this scanner. I did both hands and then my thumbs. He then asked to take a picture. He looked at my passport again, stamped it and handed it back to me. I was so relieved. That was quick and easy. I guess there was really no need to stress.

I went on the the baggage claim. It had stopped going around, but I saw one of my suitcases on one side and one on the other. I took the large one and started to go around to the other side. A man met me with a trolly and asked if I wanted help. I said please. He put my bags on the trolly and said come. He took me to the customs line for gulf nationalities and I pointed to the other line, but he shook his head. I followed him anyways. He put the bags on the belt for me and returned them to the trolly. The customs officer didn’t say a word. The man helping me with my bags stopped at some of the seating across from the arrivals door. I paid him and he hurried back to try and find more work.

At that point I just wanted to cry. I was so happy to be in Riyadh and so happy that I had done so without any complications thus far.



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