Rose Tea

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I love coffee, but I also love tea. One of my most favorite teas is rose flower tea. It is light and fragrant. I enjoy seeing the pretty little pink buds floating around in my cup. Every time I take a sip it fills my nose with the scent of a beautiful fresh rose.

IMG_20130218_025746Roses are said to help regulate menstruation, improve fertility, calm digestive/liver problems, cleanse the kidneys and even put you in a better mood. Rose teas also have a lot of vitamin C, which helps our bodies immune system and also gives us healthy skin.

I really believe that there are natural, healthy things like teas, honey and herbs that can greatly improve our health. I don’t necessarily drink rose tea because of the said health benefits, but they are an added plus to its beautiful taste and fragrance.



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