October Candles

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Almost every morning I wake up, come downstairs, make coffee and tea, put out some fresh dates and light a candle.

In the warm summer weather I usually light a candle in the evening, but these days it has been too chilly to crack the window first thing in the morning for some fresh air, so the scent of a nice candle does the trick.

This month I have been using a candle from Bath and Body Works with the name “London Calling” that smells of tea and lemon. It is absolutely perfect and I will be sad when the last flame goes out.


Another product that I have been using is these scented wax cubes from Better Homes and Gardens. I have a warmer that works by a small lightbulb and is plugged into an outlet and also one that works by a small tea light candle. I’ll take a picture of them for another post. I’m currently using the scent “White Suede Driftwood”. It is slightly spicy, but not overwhelming. It is a nice scent for cooler days.




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